"As one of Australia’s most successful female collaborators, The Strutt Sisters have become something of an icon amongst lovers of all great handmade design"

-NG Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia

In a world of the massed produced product we bring to the interior design and decoration table something completely different: Handmade. We believe in order to obtain a little warmth, personality, masterful craftmanship and satisfaction of design outcome, some products need to be completely bespoke.

After graduating from Art School in 1996, we, twin sisters Catherine and Jennifer, immediately found a studio and started making works collaboratively to exhibit at commercial galleries. After a few months we were invited to join the stable of professionally exhibiting artists at a successful Sydney art gallery. From here we had many sell out shows, had works purchased for private and public collections, have been finalists in the prestigious Sulman Art Prize at the NSWAG, won the Muswellbrook Art Prize, enjoyed a couple of TV appearances and had many stories in the press. Most importantly, however, we fine tuned our skills in colour and design, working with timber and aluminium, invented new design techniques and discovered another love along the way: jewellery, made by us.

Making our own jewellery enabled us to wear our art and soon others wanted to as well and so our funky lightweight jewellery brand was born. During this super productive time fulfilling stockists, galleries, markets and personal orders however, the thought of living in our art started to grow. What would it be like to have it incorporated into private and commercial spaces as a building product, integrated into business and family life in a meaningful way, to be useful and not just looked at on a wall?

It all starts here. C&J xx