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"Watching the ascension of The Strutt Sisters is a part time habit for most of us Novocastrian art types.  It can’t be denied their quirky and brilliant art work entices a grin and has us swanning about in nostalgic reveries."

Kerrie Smith-Guest Reviewer at Newcastle Art Space posted on

"Musicians, jewellery designers, synaesthetes: The Strutt Sisters are as eclectic as their art. The sisters are identical twins who are artists based in Newcastle. They are widely known for their mixed-media assemblages. Their works consist of bricolage – tiny stages of wood and tin, on which a cavalcade of characters snipped from old magazines, medical textbooks and postcards frolic. These works at times resemble nothing so much as the bric-a-brac shelf in a country town op-shop. The Strutts revel in the discarded and surreal, the whimsical and the absurd. Their works have been described as Joseph Cornell's boxes turned inside out. Their prize-winning work resides in both national and international private collections and in the collections of notable Australians including Elizabeth Ann McGregor, the curator for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

The collaborative nature of their work allows for cross-pollination of ideas, each twin bringing their own inspiration and making her own mark.

"All their busy references are beautifully contained within formal constructions of real assurance and a careful interweaving of pattern and colour," Sebastian Smee, Art Critic

Since 2006, the twins have also concentrated on a unique line of jewellery which lends its look from their art practice and materials. Their lightweight, funky jewellery line is stocked in boutiques and galleries around Australia and has appeared in television productions such as "Please Like Me' SBS, "The Time of Our Lives" ABC and "Party Tricks" Channel Ten.

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